United States

United States

Opened in 2003, Roy Morgan Research’s US office really came into its own with the acquisition of Mapes and Ross in 2004 and a subsequent move to Princeton, NJ.

Best known for their famed Natural Exposure advertising research method (used regularly by no less a luminary than David Ogilvy), Mapes and Ross came with a long history and fine reputation in the field of communications research. This acquisition prompted us to make a further investment in 2005: a well-established Panel , which runs today as the US Omnibus.

These two services remain the backbone of Roy Morgan Research in the United States.

New initiatives

Two new initiatives are underway at our Princeton office.

Reactor is the Company’s unique audience engagement  measurement tool. An invaluable resource for advertisers and advertising agencies, Reactor measures commercials second by second and complements the Natural Exposure method. It also has much to offer TV stations, with potential to be applied to all kinds of programming, from news and current affairs to music and comedy shows - especially the Mobile Reactor which can graph thousands of viewers' reactions in real time.

ASTEROID is the company’s award-winning data analysis software. With clients around the world, ASTEROID can be used to drive Roy Morgan insights, clients’ own data, and research from other sources.

Furthermore, after conducting in-field trials across the US, we plan to launch Single Source USA in the foreseeable future.

United States