The following is a list (with links) of the major print media research papers published by Roy Morgan Research (including Roy Morgan, Gary Morgan, Michele Levine, George Rennie, Peter Grant, Geoffrey Smith, Sergey Dorofeev, Marcus Tarrant, Gregory Hywood, William Burlace, John Davis and Chris Gibson)
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Women, the Media, and People from Other Countries who have made Victoria–1851 to Today. Foreword prepared Aug, 2008 to Dec 23, 2008 & May 2009. Introduction: “Understanding Victoria” – June 26, 2011. The Victoria Day Council. 2008 La Trobe Lecture By Gary Morgan, Roy Morgan Research. Queen’s Hall, Parliament of Victoria. Saturday, July 5, 2008 at 7pm. ‘The real, central theme of History is not what happened, but what people felt about it when it was happening’. G M Young*. ‘When the thoughts of our forefathers, common thoughts about common things, will have become thinkable once more.’ Frederick Maitland#

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