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Dairy Farmers Custard is Australia’s favourite dessert snack

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), January - December 2012, n = 21,539.
In the 12 months to December 2012, 18% of Australians aged 14+ ate a dairy snack or dessert in an average four-week period (down from 22% in the year to December 2008). Consumption of these snacks is higher among women (21%) than men (15%), with both genders sharing a penchant for Dairy Farmers Custard above other brands.

Recent findings by Roy Morgan Research reveal that in the year to December 2012, Dairy Farmers Custard topped the dairy snack/dessert list, with 4% of Australians aged 14+ consuming this product in an average four-week period. Frûche was the second most popular product, consumed by 3% of the population. Both products have declined in popularity since 2008, reflecting a wider trend across the whole dairy dessert/snack category.

Women and men get their just desserts

While Dairy Farmers Custard is popular with both genders, women enjoy a wider range of dairy snacks and desserts then men, and are just as likely to eat Frûche in an average four-week period (5%). They also favour Nestle Mousse (4%) and Yoplait Le Rice (3%).

Meanwhile, YoGo (3%) and Nestle Milo (2%) are the second and third most popular choices for men.

Top 10 Dairy Snacks/Desserts eaten by Australians in an average 4-week period

 Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), January - December 2012, n = 21,539.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:< /p>

    “Over the last five years there has been a gradual decline in the proportion of Australians eating dairy snacks and desserts, a downturn which is also evident in consumption of flavoured yoghurts (with the exception of Vaalia and Jalna).

“However, there has been a slight increase in consumption of natural and Greek-style yoghurts, which suggests that Australians are opting for lower-fat dairy snacks.

  “Roy Morgan Research data shows that while Dairy Famers Custard is the most popular product overall, there are some clear differences in dairy snack/dessert products favoured by each gender. Men consume more ‘desserty’ snacks such as YoGo and Nestle Milo, while women have a preference for the ostensibly healthier products, such as Frûche, Nestle Mousse and Yoplait Le Rice.”

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