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Netflix finishes 2015 reaching 2,728,000 Australians

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, April - September 2015, average monthly sample n = 4,306, October to December 2015 quarterly sample = 12,461 Australians 14+

By the end of 2015, 2,728,000 Australians 14+ (13.9%) had Netflix, with over a million homes subscribed, new quarterly data from Roy Morgan Research.

After launching in March, Netflix expanded fast: its reach expanded by an average 30% per month from April to September. Throughout this period of rapid growth, Roy Morgan released each new month-by-month result to chart the SVOD service’s dramatic rise in household subscriptions and reach across the population.

From October to December, however, Netflix’s growth had slowed. We can now provide market size figures using a quarterly base, with sample sizes in excess of 12,000 Australians 14+.  

Number of Homes (and People) with Netflix

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, April - September 2015, average monthly sample n = 4,306, October to December 2015 quarterly sample = 12,461 Australians 14+

Tim Martin, General Manager – Media, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Netflix has clearly enjoyed remarkable growth during its inaugural year in Australia, however the recent slowdown in net monthly increases indicates there it will take longer to become truly mainstream. Technology Adoption Segments show that early adopters, tech-savvy professionals and engaged young social networkers have been the quickest to subscribe to Netflix—and it could take a while longer for the idea of subscription video to gain a foothold among older tech explorers, technology traditionalists and technophobes.

"With monthly growth no longer in the stratosphere, we can begin to use data accumulated over a three-month period for SVOD subscriber numbers and population reach. The great benefit of this is the additional flexibility, robustness and granularity delivered by the bigger sample of over 12,000 Australians per quarter.

“Overall in 2015, we interviewed over three thousand Australians who already had Netflix in their homes—about their demographics, home life, income and activities, their advertising preferences, purchasing intentions, and other media habits.

“Aside from the headline subscription numbers, we’ve already previously investigated and revealed key insights into the impact of Netflix on Foxtel, the incidence of Netflix among Fixed Broadband Providers, and the types of family homes most likely to have so far signed up. Next week, we’ll be taking a good look at how the long-term decline of commercial TV viewership and how the arrival Netflix and other SVOD services looks set to impact traditional free-to-air channels and their audiences in 2016. After this, we’ll be revealing a strong correlation between Netflix and NBN.”

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