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Roy Morgan leads the way in digital measurement with ground-breaking new metrics

Roy Morgan Audiences now measures the audience overlap for desktop, mobile & tablet

Now 93% of Australians have a home computer, 78% have a smartphone, 65% have a tablet and 57% have all three. And they could be using them anywhere! Today Roy Morgan announced the launch of a suite of new features for its digital audience measurement platform, Roy Morgan Audiences: Unique Audience by each type of device; Total Unique Audience (de-duplicated) across devices; Unique Audience by postcode and thousands of new audience segments from Roy Morgan Single Source.

Roy Morgan Research already enables publishers, advertisers and media agencies to understand and measure online behaviour for both digital campaigns and websites. The Roy Morgan Audiences platform delivers a one-stop solution to long-standing industry needs for privacy compliance, compatibility across all operating systems, daily results, and now - perhaps most importantly in today’s increasingly connected landscape - the unique reach of websites, apps and digital campaigns across multiple devices.

In addition to currently measuring daily unique audience by Helix Personas, the new features announced today include:

1. Unique Audience by device: enables advertisers and publishers to understand the unique audience consuming content by desktop computer, mobile and tablet.

2. Unique Audience de-duplicated across devices: this innovative new metric calculates the unique audience overlap across multiple devices.  Now an advertiser not only understands how many impressions are reaching new viewers, but how many are being seen again on a second or third screen devices their audience is using.


Roy Morgan Audiences now measures the audience overlap for desktop, mobile & tablet

3. Unique Audience by postcode: provides the most granular view possible of where consumers are accessing content, down to a postcode. This unrivalled feature enables both advertisers and publishers to know the profile of users by postcode, thereby supporting better messaging and content optimisation as well measuring if geo-targeted advertising is really working.

4. Audience Segments: thousands of new audience segments from Roy Morgan Single Source (such as luxury car buyers or home loan intenders) enabling advertisers to understand how effective their campaign is at reaching their target audience or providing publishers with new ways to monetise their audiences.

Howard Seccombe, Chief Digital Officer, says:

“Never before has any digital audience platform offered such a detailed and accurate view of online behaviour linked to offline behaviour.

“Clients using Roy Morgan Audiences already benefit from online audience profiling by Helix Personas in a platform that is independent and accurate.

“In a world where transparency and accountability for advertising dollars is paramount, Roy Morgan Audiences now ups the ante by delivering de-duplicated audience counts down to a postcode level so advertisers can be sure about how and where their digital spend is performing.”

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About Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan is the largest independent Australian research company, with offices throughout Australia, as well as in Indonesia, the United States and the United Kingdom. A full service research organisation specialising in omnibus and syndicated data, Roy Morgan has over 70 years’ experience in collecting objective, independent information on consumers.

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