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Adshel and Roy Morgan partnership takes geo-location targeting to new heights - LIVE | WORK | SHOP

“LIVE |WORK | SHOP reveals, for the first time, the movement patterns of Australians, anywhere across the nation. “Our data science gives Adshel and its clients a unique edge.”

Adshel and Roy Morgan Research announce a partnership that, for the first time, gives advertisers the ability to profile and precisely target locations where commuters work and shop – not only where they live.

Adshel is Roy Morgan’s foundation out-of-home partner on Helix LIVE | WORK | SHOP. The new partnership will allow Adshel to provide enriched data for more precise targeting, profiling those who transit through specific locations to shop and work. Helix is Australia’s leading geo-digital psychographic segmentation tool. The added data layer the partnership delivers to advertisers reflects the growing importance and power of geo-location marketing to identify, reach and target consumers based on their physical location.

Utilising Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas for location profiling across Adshel’s national network, together with revolutionary advancements in data science, media agencies and marketers will be able to drill down on commuter data like never before - identifying those who live in a particular location, as well as those who visit that area to work or to shop.

“The power of the Adshel network, coupled with explicit selection of sites against finely honed audience profiles, will drive the value of this unique partnership, as well as effectiveness and results for our advertisers. The ability to precisely target an audience at broadcast scale through detailed profiling and enhanced targeting at specific locations will bring advertisers even closer to their target audiences,” said Adshel head of marketing Charlotte Valente.

“Adshel has the scale and flexibility to precision target across a national network with 19,000-plus touchpoints across six metro cities, providing advertisers with the ability to identify and target consumers wherever they live, work and shop.”

According to Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine, “This innovation is the Holy Grail of audience targeting – the ability to pinpoint with surgical precision the right consumer at the right time, right where they live, work and shop.

LIVE |WORK | SHOP reveals, for the first time, the movement patterns of Australians, anywhere across the nation.

“Our data science gives Adshel and its clients a unique edge.”

LIVE | WORK | SHOP in action

The data scientists at Roy Morgan understand that people who are exposed to out-of-home advertising in, for example, the CBD don’t necessarily live in the area – most of them travel to work and shop there.

We all intuitively understand that major transport and retail hubs such as Bondi Junction in Sydney draw people from far and wide, beyond those who actually live in the vicinity.

Now with the full insight provided by LIVE | WORK | SHOP, marketers can capture and target the full spectrum of audiences available – wherever they live, work or shop –  down to granular geographic locations to better match the messaging by time of day.

Michele Levine says LIVE | WORK | SHOP is a breakthrough for marketers and media agencies looking for an edge.

“This great new product reflects Roy Morgan’s commitment to innovation in a transforming media market.

“Connecting the powerful geo-digital psychographic segmentation capabilities with Roy Morgan’s extensive data on how Australians work, live and shop in their day-to-day lives allows partner clients to lift the effectiveness of advertising strategies and marketing campaigns, not only to the people who live in an area, but also the attractive consumers who are frequent visitors.”

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About Adshel

As a leading out-of-home media company, Adshel allows advertisers to connect, engage and influence commuters where they work, live, shop and play across Australia and New Zealand. Adshel is wholly owned by HT&E and is now one of the most recognised names in street furniture and a key player in the out-of-home media market reaching 92% of Australia 68 times a fortnight.

Looking ahead, Adshel will continue to lead the market in innovation and insights with an ongoing digital expansion across Australia and New Zealand coupled with data and geo-targeting solutions, offering advertisers new ways to reach, engage and impact their audience.

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About Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan is Australia’s largest independent research company, with offices throughout Australia, as well as in Indonesia, the United States and the United Kingdom. As Australia’s trusted authority in market research, Roy Morgan has for over 75 years measured and mapped the Australian psyche. Roy Morgan delivers truth through science.



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