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Australians give their views on the next Government - no matter who the PM is

This special snap SMS Morgan Poll was conducted on Wednesday August 22, 2018, with an Australia-wide cross section of 587 electors.
Australians worried about Government’s instability, favouritism towards big business and climate change if an L-NP Government is re-elected. Concerns if the ALP is elected to Government centre on union influence, poor economic management and policies on immigration and refugees

Australians have given their views on the next Federal Government after the next Federal Election – whether that be an ALP or L-NP Government.

Roy Morgan asked electors – and supporters of both major parties – two questions: “What, if anything, would worry you if the Labor Party were elected at the next Federal Election?” and “What, if anything, worries you about the L-NP being re-elected?”

Worries about a re-elected L-NP Government

Electors were asked: “What, if anything, worries you about the L-NP being re-elected?

ALP supporter concerns about a re-elected L-NP Government included the potential for more instability and lack of leadership as well as the increasing power of the right-wing of the Liberal Party represented by the likes of Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton.

ALP supporters also mentioned the L-NP Government’s favouritism towards big business ahead of regular Australians. There were also many that took issue with the Government’s climate change policies as well as policies towards refugees and immigration.

The most prominent issue repeatedly mentioned by ALP supporters as a concern surrounding a re-elected L-NP Government concerned instability at the top and the dysfunction of the Government. This also touched on the right-wing of the L-NP causing the instability with Tony Abbott blamed by many.

“They keep arguing and vying for power instead of running the country.”

“Infighting instead of governing the country.”

“They spend more time internal nael gazing than having a real concern for the man on the street.”

“Total instability and lack of harmony.”

“Short-sighted and no real leadership.”

“Lack of leadership.”

“No policy direction.”


“Party instability.”

“Continued dysfunction and rorting.”

“Bunch of high society clowns who don’t understand the real world.”

“Their division, lack of progressive vision and compassion.”

“Very worried. Right-wing obstructionist policy. They lack inspriation in leadership. They’re negative and owned by News Corp.”

“Unstable Government is no good they have to get over fighting themselves.”

“Dysfunctional, not united.”

“Extremist policies without social justice.”

“L-NP are ruining the public service. The instability of their leadership.”

“Red-neck liberals like Abbott, Howard and Dutton.”

“Dutton in politics in any capacity.”

“That they will continue to govern for themselves, drive the economy down and not take any real action on climate change.”

 “Disunity, Tony Abbott, lack of leadership, lack of integrity, corruption and commitment.”

“The continued rise of Australian fascism led by Dutton, Abbott et al.”

“Continued infighting between moderate and conservative factions.”

“They have moved way too far to the very extreme right and seem delusional.”

“The right-wing views of a core element.”

“Far-right conservative ideas are becoming more and more acceptable in Australia.”

“They have a far-right loonies agenda.”

Another issue consistently brought up by ALP supporters as a concern relating to the L-NP Government was the way they perceived the L-NP to favour big business over ordinary Australians especially with regards to the big tax cuts the Government wanted to give to big business and big banks.

“Business lobby favoured while the average Australian is not front of mind for the L-NP Government.”

“They are a hideous neo-liberal fascist corrupt and morally corrupt Government in the pocket of multi-nationals and not for the people.”

“Tax policies.”

“Giving tax cuts to big companies.”

“They are focused on big business and tax cuts for them.”

“Not looking after the general public. Looking after their mates only.”

“They have the workers, poor people, pensioners, and they’re racists.”

“That they will continue giving more money to the rich with tax cuts and taking it away from those that need it.”

“They keep looking after the big end of town.”

“Cuts to corporate tax at the expense of health and education.”

“They look after the wealthy people.”

“Tax breaks for big business and the banks while very little for the worker.”

“Their lack of empathy with the working class in a tough economy.”

“They have no plans for Australia just big business and themselves.”

“They give tax breaks to the rich and not the poor. They privatise everything and always come across as inept in the media.”

Many ALP supporters were also concerned about the L-NP Government’s environmental policies and the lack of action on climate change in particular is a huge issue they disagree with the Government on.

“They have no plan for the future or the environment and are only focused on individuals and profit and firmly believe in thatcher politics which were evil.”

“Climate change.”

“Climate change denial along with trickle down economics lunacy, poor health care, education, welfare, economics of greed.”

“Lack of action on climate change, also housing affordability and healthcare.”

“The policy on the environment along with business taxation, social rights etc.”

“They don’t do anything to stop climate change and are out of touch with the views of mainstream Australia.”

“No action on climate change and the rise of senophobia and right-wing extremism.”

“No approriate action on climate change, continued tightening of immigration and continued poor treatment of refugees.”

“No carbon reduction policy. Too many company tax breaks. No attempt to reduce homelessness and immigration intake too high.”

“Inaction on climate change and disunity.”

“No decent environmental policies along with unfair treatment of refugees.”

“Appaling energy and environmental policies as well as appaling immigration policies.”

“Their energy and environmental policies. Their terrible treatment of refugees.”

“Cimate change denial and more cuts to wage growth.”

“Total failure to deal with climate change.”

“The L-NP are extrememly bad on climate change, and terrible on deforestation, fishing stocks, marine reserves, live exports and I could go on.”

“Their inability to act on climate change.”

Another big policy difference was the L-NP Government’s treatment of asylum seekers and the demonisation of immigrants. Many called their policies racist and heartless and their rhetoric fear mongering  with a disregard for basic human rights.

“Don’t like the way they treat Centrelink people, refugees, their entitled attitude and with all that has been going on no one has mentioned looking after the country.”

“Offshore detention.”

“Demonising immigrants, refugees etc.”

“Their failure to slow immigration to a sustainable level.”

“Dutton personally – his treatment of refugees has been appalling.”

“Their heartless refugee policies.”

“Their policies are racist, fear mongering and capitalistic.”

“Immigration camps.”

“Human rights.”

“A bad attitude to refugees and a terrible immigration policy.”

“Their inhumanity towards others.”

“Their extreme right-wing policies on refugees and total disregard for civil liberties.”

“Their treatment of refugees.”

“They are racist.”

L-NP supporter concerns about a re-elected L-NP Government include the disunity and instabilty of the current Government continuing and the party basically being fractured and in chaos which also related back to political correctness and not putting regular Australians first.

Supporters of Malcolm Turnbull also singled out Tony Abbott for leading the destabilisation of the party with his group of right-wing  and conservative fellow-travellers and being too focused on socially conservative issues.

Many L-NP supporters also mentioned the L-NP Government looking after the big end of town and big business and being more interested in big business tax cuts than helping poorer Australians including the rural sector now in a drought. Tied into this was concern about the Government’s poor fiscal management and Government spending as well as containing energy and electricity costs and providing power to people reliably by using our coal rather than sending it overseas.

L-NP supporters biggest concern about a re-elected L-NP Government is getting the party moving in the same direction and getting all members to toe the line and stop the instablity and disloyalty. The Government needs to stop wasting its time on leadership problems.

“Getting all members to toe the line and move in one direction.”

“The infighting.”

“Please leave our PM to run the country.”

“They need to get their party act together and stop wasting time on leadership problems.”

“It is a splintered party.”

“Internal tensions.”

“Unstabe party and lack of relevant policies.”

“Unstable Government. Changing leaders like they do.”

“Continuous bickering.”

“Another change in PM after a few months/years and the lack of any forward planning.”

“Internally preoccupied and a lack of a long-term vision.”

“Disloyal MPs.”

“Fractured party. Unstable.”

“Weak leadership.”

“Their own agendas and egos.”

“That they won’t carry through with their convictions.”

In mentioning the focus on leadership instability L-NP supporters are concerned that the Government would lose focus on running the country and looking out for the needs of everyday Australians rather than concentrating on internal problems.

“Just get on with running the country. They are as bad as each other.”

“Not enough attention to the Australian way of life.”

“Political correctness at the cost of the Australian way of life.”

“Not putting Australians first.”

“Sitting on the fence rather than doing something.”

“Non action on issues that really matter.”

“The corruption, they’re unrepresentative and work for lobbyists and their own members.”

Supporters of Malcolm Turnbull were particularly concerned about the party being controlled by ultra-conservatives and the likes of Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton. Many worried that being too conservative and appeasing racists for political gain would be a terrible way to go.

“Control by ultra-conservatives.”

“Being too conservative.”

“Too focused on social conservative issues.”

“The rise and increasing influence of the conservative, religious right of the party.”

 “Abbott and his backstabbing few ruining good policy out of spite.”

“One Nation receiving more power, its great that they have a voice and should be kept controlled to a degree.”

“Appeasement of racists for political gain. Insufficient compassion for refugees.”

“More conservative.”

“Tony Abbott getting any power.”

“Nothing as long as its not Abbott leading.”

“Dangerous and treacherous Tony Abbott and his cohorts.”

L-NP supporters are also concerned the Government is looking too much after big business and engaging in fiscal mismanagement and poor budgeting. L-NP supporters are concerned the interests of big companies are being prioritised rather than the poor and a drought-stricken rural sector.

“Looking after big business, not the poor.”

“Selling out to big companies and they don’t help the rural sector enough.”

“Bank tax cuts.”

“Selling our country to foreign investment.”

“The fact they only help big business.”

“They seem dominated by the interests of big companies.”

“Giving the big banks big tax deductions.”

“Selling Australia to foreigners.”

“Bending to the desire of big companies at the expense of the environment and vulnerable/poor.”

“Fiscal mismanagement.”

“Poor budgeting.”

“The economy would go down the toilet.”

“Debt growth.”

“Need to have a centre-right leader who reduces our debt and is fiscally responsible.”

“Putting us further in debt.”

“Higher taxes, workplace agreements and exorbitant monetary foreign aid.”

“Government spending.”

“That economic growth is maintained.”

“The cost of living and low wage growth.”

A further concern voiced by L-NP supporters is the Government’s policy on energy and keeping energy costs down. The L-NP supporters believe the Government is focusing too much on climate change targets and should focus on lower energy costs and sustainable power using coal rather than worrying about emissions trading and renewable energy.

“Energy costs and not having coal based power stations. Going with wind and solar energy.”

“Whether it can address the issue of reliable and inexpensive power generation.”

“Its called sustainable energy and using our coal for Australia and not sending overseas.”

“Power prices.”

“Energy prices.”

“Reduce cost of power.”

“Too much focus on Paris targets, they should be focused on energy costs.”


“The Liberals need to introduce a government funded energy system to play against privatisation.”

“Commitment to renewable energy and emissions trading.”

“They need to give more attention to inflation and coal.”

“Electricity prices.”

Worries if the Labor Party were elected at the next Federal Election

Electors were asked: “What, if anything, would worry you if the Labor Party were elected at the next Federal Election?

L-NP supporter concerns about the election of a Labor Party Government at the next Federal Election include the control the unions would have over the new Government with Bill Shorten as Prime Minister and questions about Shorten’s leadership capabilities. Many L-NP supporters say Shorten has poor leadership skills and his Government would be incompetent.

Many L-NP supporters also say an ALP Government would relax immigration policies and leave Australia with open borders and an influx of refugees because Labor is in bed with the Greens. L-NP supporters also mentioned the ALP’s poor economic management with spending blowouts and  and increasing the debt as well as concerns about Labor’s policies towards superannuation.

The most frequently expressed concern from L-NP supporters about a potential ALP Government under Bill Shorten was the concern about Shorten’s union influence mentioned by many L-NP supporters that Shorten is beholden to the Unions (and also the Greens) and this will lead to out of control labour costs and hurt small businesses in the process.

“Run by union heavyweights who control Shorten.”

“Out of control labour costs due to union demands on small businesses.”

“Union power, the economy, power prices and their spending.”

“Inappropriate union influence.”

“Influence of the unions.”

“Bill Shorten – he is a union puppet!”

“They would be beholden to the unions.”

“Union control and Greens.”

“Shorten having his union mates in control.”

“Corruption with unions.”

“More union pandering, more lies and more socialistic policies and much more debt or selling off anything that’s left.”


“They don’t have a clue what they’re doing. They’re happy to give our money away and are driven by the unions. Very dangerous if Labor win.”

“Pandering to unions and pricing manufacturing out of existence.”

“Shorten is corrupt and will be led by unions. Australia will become a welfare state.”

“The unions would kill our country.”

“Bill Shorten taking the job of Prime Minister. He is more than a union thug. His record over many years speaks for itself.”

Many L-NP supporters also question the honesty and integrity of a future Labor Government as well as their incompetence, dishonesty and the lack of integrity the ALP has for running a Government.

“Their honesty and integrity.”

“They’re not trustworthy and have no known parliamentarians apart from Shorten.”

“They’re incompetent.”

“Poor leadership.”

“Shorten going down in history as the most dishonest PM we have ever had.”

“Their constant lying.”

“That Bill Shorten wouldn’t have a clue about how to run the country.”

“Shorten is arrogant and discriminatory towards Christianity.”

“Shorten’s complete lack of appropriate leadership capability.”

“The country would go to rack and ruin.”

L-NP supporters also consistently brought up the ALP’s soft border-protection policies that would bring people-smugglers back into business and lead to more and more refugees with an open-border policy.

“Immigration relaxation.”

“Immigration policies.”

“People smugglers back in action.”

“Illegal boat immigrants and renewable energy policies.”

“The return of the boat people.”

“My biggest concern would be open borders.”

“More refugees and more debt.”

“Labor is in bed with the Greens and both Labor and the Greens can’t be trusted with border protection.”

“Immigration, national security and variations of a carbon tax and too much pandering to the Greens.”

“Refugee intake relaxed and an increase in union power.”

“Open borders. Socialism/Communism. Genderless society. Militant unionism etc.”

“Excessive immigration.”

“Safe borders and immigration.”

L-NP supporters are also concerned about the ALP’s poor economic management and potential financial and fiscal mismanagement which will result in higher taxes, higher debt, and out of control spending.

“Financial mismanagement.”

“Financial mess.”

“Spend all the money.”

“Ridiculous spending and pandering to minority groups while lining their own pockets.”

“Budget overspending.”


“Economic mismanagement.”

“Their excessive spending habits and raising the country’s debt.”

“Higher taxes.”

“Higher deficit.”

“Over-spending and interest rate rises.”

“The amount of debt that won’t be paid back.”


“Reckless economics.”

“Australia’s debt levels.”

“More and more debt.”

“Poor economic management credentials.”

“Budget blowouts, overspending.”

“Public debt with interest rates high.”

“Managing the economy.”

“They spend spend spend and tax people who have worked hard.”

“Country would be potentially further in debt.”

“Economic management disaster.”

“An exponential increase to the already onerous national debt.”

“Reckless expenditures.”

“Labor failure to manage an economic recovery.”

“That they would wreck the wealth creation policies of the country.”

Also mentioned by L-NP supporters alongside a lack of economic management skills was concern about policies revolving around superannuation and the removal of dividend imputation credits.

“More changes to superannuation along with uncontrolled spending.”

“Big worry for self-funded retirees.”

“Stealing my super.”

“Losing my imputations credits.”

“Taxation increases and the removal of dividend imputation credits.”

“They have no concept of financial budgeting.”

ALP supporter concerns about an ALP Government elected at the next Federal Election included reference to the ALP continuing the policies of the L-NP in regards to refugees and asylum seekers and really not changing much as well as concerns about current Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as not being charismatic enough and up to the job.

ALP supporters also mentioned that the current ALP under Shorten may be too ‘right-wing’ and with little difference to the current Government and willing to pander to big businesses as the current Government does. The good news for a future ALP Government is that there were far more responses from ALP supporters indicating there was nothing concerning about the prospect of an ALP Government compared to very few L-NP supporters that said the same about an L-NP Government.

ALP supporters are concerned an ALP Government under Bill Shorten will not change the current Government’s refugee and asylum seeker policies but merely continue them and continue the mistreatment and detention of refugees through off-shore processing facilities.

“Continuation of mistreatment of asylum seekers.”

“Labor Party need to sort out their treatment of refugees. It’s appalling.”

“The continued mistreatment of refugees.”

“Not bringing refugees to Australia.”

“Off shore detention of refugees and weak respones to racism.”

“The treatment of refugees.”

“Their failure to reduce immigration levels.”

“They need to lift their game with asylum seekers.”

“That the offshore refugee processing continues.”

“Continued retention of refugees.”

“The lack of action regarding issues such as refugees in detention.”

“I fear that the present policy of cruelty to asylum seekers would continue.”

“That they wouldn’t change refugee policy.”

“They would also fail asylum seekers.”

“I want them to close the detention facilities on Nauru.”

“We continue to allow children to be harmed in offshore detention.”

“If they fail to assist the asylum seekers on Nauru and close the detention facilities.”

“No change to their appaling, brutal boat refugee policies.”

“The ongoing mandatory detention of asylum seekers.”

“They have sold out on refugee issues.”

“Not enough compassion for refugees.”

“Asylum seekers currently on Manus Island.”

Tied into the concerns about copying the policies of the current Government is concern that Bill Shorten is too far to the right and is too similar to the Liberal Party. Shorten also lacks charisma and provides weak leadership and may be subject to leadership speculation himself when compared to Anthony Albanese.

“Shorten is a bit wishy-washy and the Labor Party is still too similar to the Liberal Party in reality.”

“Bill Shorten isn’t brilliant.”

“They are short-sighted an no real leadership.”

“Bill Shorten’s lack of popularity.”

“Bill Shorten isn’t the greatest leader and the ALP’s policies aren’t the best but they’re better than the Libs.”

“That Shorten wouldn’t have the guts to make hard decisions.”

“No matter who you vote for a politician always gets elected.”

“Lack of leadership.”

“They will also change horses midstream again.”

“The instability of the support around Shorten and the credibility Albanese has with the community at large.”

“They aren’t trustworthy.”

“They need a strong leader that will listen to their constituents.”

“They need to provide stable Government and keep their leader.”

“Bill Shorten is a weak leader.”

“Shorten is not charismatic and I don’t like their refugee or environment policies.”

“Would prefer Albanese as leader but Shorten will do.”

“Shorten has no charisma.”

“Bill Shorten.”

“They have an invisble leader. No strong leadership. I have a lack of faith in current politicians.”

The concern about Shorten being too far to the right also gives credence to the worry that Shorten will give into pressure from the right-wing media and won’t pursue the right policies but rather the policies that will appease the media and the Senate cross-bench.

“The belief that they need to be more conservative to manage minority parties in the Senate.”

“The continued dominance of the Labor right and lunatic Catholics in Labor policy.”

“That they would move too far to the right and give in to pressure from the Opposition to talk about the economy and hang vulnerable people out to dry.”

“I trust neither party.”

“Them capitulating to the right and not governing with a long-term vision.”

“That Bill Shorten wouldn’t fight hard enough to promote the interests of what should be their natural constituency, the working class Australian.”

“That they would also obey the ‘fascist’ Murdoch media propaganda.”

“That they would also pander to big business and not make the big decisions necessary to support the less fortunate members of our society.”

“They are the lesser of two evils.”

“That they will be L-NP lite.”

“I’m concerned they may not repeal some of the laws changed under Abbott and Turnbull especially with public discourse.”

“The worry is the increasingly right wing media who will do what they did to Julia Gillard.”

“Usual negative media backlash. I live in a very right-wing national party electorate and the only newspapers round here are owned by News Corp and are very biased.”

The good news for the ALP is that there are many ALP supporters that have no worries about the prospect of an ALP Government being elected after the Federal Election. Many ALP supporters can’t wait for the change. This is worth noting as virtually no L-NP supporters expressed no concerns about a re-elected L-NP Government.



“Happy with Labor policy and promises.”

“A lot less.”

“Would be wonderful. No worries.”

“Nothing at all.”

“Nothing – change would be good.”

“Not a lot, I think I’d be better off.”

“Nothing would worry me.”

“I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.”

“I fear that the present policy of cruelty to asylum seekers would continue.”

“Nothing really as we need a new set of eyes.”

This special snap SMS Morgan Poll was conducted on Wednesday August 22, 2018, with an Australia-wide cross section of 587 electors. Visit the Roy Morgan Online Store to browse our Voter Profiles by electorate, detailed Voting Intention Demographics Reports and Most important Political Issue Reports (all 150 electorates ranked by an issue).

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