Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Better market intelligence can give you a competitive edge.

Australia’s banking and finance market is changing at an increasingly fast rate. With the many mergers and acquisitions in the market, the expansion of products and services being offered to consumers, as well as with the technological advancements making a significant impact on the way customers engage, financial institutions are competing more aggressively than ever for dollar market share and customer share.

To win in this dynamic environment, you need the most comprehensive knowledge of the financial landscape, including competitor analysis, performance tracking and consumer profiling and behaviour.

With over 15 years of financial services data available, Roy Morgan Research has become the industry standard in Australia for data relating to consumers’ financial needs, behaviour and value. Along with a range of Ready Made Reports and Profiles available in our Online Store, we are able to provide Customised Research to meet your more specific needs.

How our banking and finance products benefit your business

Not only will you receive a unique, wholly Australian (or New Zealand) perspective on the banking and finance market, but you’ll also discover areas of opportunity for brand management, strategic planning, segmentation, product development, data modelling, media planning and advertising.