About Morgan Poll

"Our Party leaders are not very popular”

This was the conclusion drawn by a Morgan Gallup poll conducted in July 1970 about Prime Minister John Gorton and the Opposition leader Gough Whitlam. Public opinion would subsequently swing in favour of Whitlam, whose progress to the Prime Ministership 17 months later was tracked by Morgan poll results all the way.

Fast forward via Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Howard et al to the instability of the Rudd, Gillard, Rudd (RGR), Abbott and Turnbull years and we finally arrive at current PM Scott Morrison. One might be tempted to say that Australia’s post-war political history is reflected in the results of Morgan Polls conducted over the decades. (Not to mention in the countless media headlines and cartoons they’ve inspired…)

No hidden agendas

subscription to the Morgan Poll gives you detailed, up-to-the-minute records of Federal and State Voting Intentions, allowing for detailed demographic, geographic and Values Segment* analysis.

The Morgan Poll is Australia’s most respected public opinion poll and has proved itself repeatedly in more than 75 Federal and State Elections and national referenda.

Because Roy Morgan is not owned by a media corporation, our polls are independent and free of hidden agendas.

More than politics

As well as politics, the Morgan Poll also tracks social and economic sentiment, through the Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Rating, Unemployment surveys and other topical issues.

The results are widely published in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online, and provide the most current snapshot available of Australian and New Zealand public opinion.