The world’s most advanced suite of research tools for measuring respondents’ continuous real-time responses.

The Reactor is the original ‘Worm’ that has famously graphed viewers’ reactions to political debates over several decades and provided critical insights into the effectiveness of thousands of ads, programs and events, worldwide.

By turning a dial or dragging the Reactor slider-bar on their computer, tablet or smartphone, respondents continuously score the program (according to specified criteria) and their reactions are averaged and graphed in real time. The audience reactions can be segmented and graphs (by age, gender, country etc) can be selected and displayed over the TV show as it goes to air.

Audiences can react from home (at a time they choose) with their smartphone using the Mobile Video Reactor App or with the Online Reactor on their computer. The program plays on their device while they react with their slider-bar. This is mostly used for testing ads, concepts and short program segments.

Audiences in a studio or auditorium can all react in real time with the Reactor Wireless Dials or the Mobile Reactor when the program is presented (usually on TV). This is mostly used for focus groups, adding audience involvement for events and live TV shows & conferences and for longer programs (like political debates).

The Mobile Reactor App enables anyone, anywhere to react , second-by-second, to any program. This is used more often for entertainment than pure research to add involvement and interactivity to live TV with the graphs of selectable audience segments superimposed over the program in real time.

No other research technique can give you honest gut reaction like The Reactor.

Proven, cost-effective ad & concept testing

The Reactor is one of the key methodologies in our suite of Ad Research products.  

The Reactor allows you to analyse the second-by-second reactions to your ads (and your competitors') for less than the cost of a single focus group. The Reactor is an effective, proven methodology for measuring virtually unconscious reactions to ads and concepts, element by element, second by second. Respondents don't have to tick boxes or select from pre-determined answers on a questionnaire. They’re not influenced by 'group leaders' or others' opinions. Responses are instinctive, almost unconscious. They are recorded continuously (up to four times every second) and are available instantly, displayed as selectable graphs, synchronised with your video. 

Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of multimedia campaigns. Test program content, presenters and promos for television & radio. Discover the 'turn-offs' and 'hot buttons' in speeches and presentations. Refine product concepts, designs and packaging with quantifiable feedback on every element. Test legal arguments or opening & closing statements with a 'Reactor jury' before trial. Track audience engagement at conferences and conventions. The Reactor’s scope is as broad as you want it to be.