Audience Engagement

Reactor Debate

Second-by-second audience involvement

The Reactor enhances the experience of watching Game Shows, Talent Quests and live debates by allowing the audience to respond instantly, judging not only performers but the judges as well. Use The Reactor live on-screen to provide instant feedback from your audience. Viewers love to be involved in what they’re watching, so The Reactor provides incentive to watch live, rather than on delay.

  • While voting via text or apps like Twitter provides fleeting opportunities for interaction and feedback, they draw the viewer’s attention away from the program.
  • The Mobile Reactor engages the audience, second-by-second for entire duration of the program.
  • The graphs can be superimposed over the live program in real-time and are selectable by audience segments (e.g. Gender, Age, Country, State)
  • Reacting is positive proof of their constant (live) engagement (and an incentive to watch the program live instead of on their Tivo).