Reactor Products



The ReactorMax is the optimum ad testing package, adding Pre and Post (Day-after) questionnaires to deliver, Norm Comparisons, Brand Awareness, Purchase Intention, Ad Recall, Brand and Persuasion to the insights, as well as Ad Diagnostics.

Respondents can be recruited from Roy Morgan Single Source allowing any segmentation to be graphed. These could be: Frequent Aldi Shopper, Socially Aware (Roy Morgan Values Segments, Intending to purchase a compact SUV or planning an overseas holiday. The Reactor provides the second-by-second reactions to every element and every nuance in your and your competitors ads of precisely your target audience. The Reactor graph results and insightful metrics are available immediately.

Ad Testing is a sensitive business. It requires experience, proven tools & methodologies and an understanding of the creative process. We have a wealth of Advertising Research experience and the most innovative, technologically advanced tools to help advertisers ensure they squeeze the maximum effectiveness out of every advertising dollar.

The Reactor Suite

Most of our Ad Tests use the Online Reactor which is usually embedded in a questionnaire. Respondents score the ads continuously by dragging the Reactor slider-bar between 0 and 100.

The same results can be achieved with the Mobile Video Reactor which operates precisely the same way on Apple and Android devices. Respondents react to the video which plays on their mobile as they drag the Reactor slider-bar.

The Offline Reactor is ideal to continuously track respondents’ reactions in Focus Groups or for larger audiences in a Studio Environment. The Reactor Wireless Dials are used for these sessions. Ideal for testing over a long duration (e.g. political debates).

The Mobile Reactor provides the ultimate audience interactivity experience. The Reactor App enables anyone, anywhere to react , second-by-second, to any TV program or live event. The entire audience, selected respondents or panellists simply install the free app and can start reacting immediately. They can be invited ‘live’ on air, via email or via SMS (with or without a secure code). The questions can be used to segment the audience and can be viewed as a graph (in real time).

Now, anyone with an Android or iPhone can React to anything, anywhere - in real time.