Single Source

Single Source

The pinnacle of market research

Roy Morgan Single Source is a lofty goal based on a simple premise: ask questions to get answers; ask everyone everything to get the truth.

Single Source delivers an atlas of truthful, concrete networks between and within target customers. Connect purchase behaviour to media preference. Put ad awareness in the context of lifestyle goals. Correlate specific product attitudes to credit cards, technology adoption, or ‘No Junk Mail’ stickers. Explore. Discover. Know.

When researchers all over the world are giving up face-to-face interviewing in favour of cheaper telephone and internet surveys, we have increased our commitment to the proven accuracy of personal interviewing. It isn't easy, simple or quick. But it’s worth the long, difficult climb. Because the best view is from the summit.

An exact science

In Australia we interview over 50,000 people per year, plus large samples in New Zealand and Indonesia and targeted research in the UK and USA.

We ask everyone about lifestyle and attitudes, media consumption habits, brand and product usage, purchase intentions, retail visitation, service provider preferences, financial information and even recreation and leisure activities to obtain fully rounded customer profiles, accurate and up-to-date industry currencies, and a rock-solid base for further research. 

No shortcuts. No guesswork. No assumptions. No hybrid statistics. No fusion. 

Roy Morgan Single Source research is thorough, consistent and accurate. Through detailed evaluation and correlation across hundreds of metrics, Single Source helps us understand individual consumers, target markets and populations. 

The world’s most extensive single source market research

After we systematically weight our samples against population averages, the information derived from the fieldwork provides governments, businesses, marketers and advertisers with:

  • The market – size, demographics, geo-demographics and lifestyle
  • The reasons why people act and think the way they do - across different Roy Morgan Values Segments*
  • The way people absorb information when and where they obtain it.
  • The products, brands and services people will buy - across many product categories
  • The places people will buy these products and services - by retailer or service provider.

There is only one

Nowhere in the world is there a research product that matches the accuracy, integrity, flexibility and sheer power of Roy Morgan Single Source.

Single Source research is used to generate:

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*Devised by Michele Levine of Roy Morgan Research and Colin Benjamin of the Horizons Network.