Values Segments
What gives Roy Morgan the edge? Values Segments* — an innovative system of market segmentation that goes beyond demographics and psychographics to explore the values, mindsets and attitudes that motivate consumer behaviour.
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Socially Aware

Whether they're saving the world or purchasing the latest innovative product, Socially Aware individuals like to be well informed before they make a decision. Not surprisingly, they're across all the smartest and in-depth news media and hold passionate opinions about society.

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Visible Achievement

Leaders in their field but confident enough not to show off about it, this Segment works hard to provide their family with the best in life. Although generally high-income earners, they don’t spend money for the sake of it and like to be sure they’re getting the best deal.

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Young Optimism

They’re young but they think long-term. They may still be at university, but they’re planning to head overseas to advance their career. New experiences and personal fulfilment are important to them. They’re the Young Optimism Segment and they like to play as hard as they work.

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Real Conversatism

Strong believers in sound investments and quality products, the Real Conservatism Segment will always opt for the well-established over the new-fangled. Longing for a world where order and tradition reign, this Segment is loyal to friends, loved ones and brands they can trust.

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Look at Me

Money is for spending not saving according to this Values Segment* — especially on music, fast food and socialising. All about the here and now, Look At Me individuals are usually teenagers who like to live large and loud. Peer-group acceptance is important to them and they’re very image conscious.

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Conventional Family Life

Solid family values and a responsible attitude characterise people in the Conventional Family Life Segment. Because much of their income goes towards their kids, mortgage and home improvements, this Segment is always on the look-out for products that offer value for money and reliability.

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Traditional Family Life

With time on their hands and grandkids to indulge, this Segment is keen to enjoy a happy, healthy retirement. Traditional family values are important to them, as are sensible consumer choices. Not comfortable with change, they opt for familiarity and trustworthiness when spending their hard-earned dollars.

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A Fairer Deal

Finding an escape, if only temporary, from their problems is a priority for people in the Fairer Deal Segment. Generally low-income earners, they feel they've got a rough deal out of life and tend to channel their frustration through loud motorbikes, hotted-up cars, beer and TV.

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Something Better

Competitive, ambitious and possibly in debt, Something Better people want the world to see them as winners. Their consumer decisions are strongly influenced by this desire, and they are always seeking something bigger and better: whether it be a house or car, handbag or a favourite restaurant.

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Basic Needs

A focus on just ‘getting by’ from day to day characterises the people in this Segment, generally retirees and pensioners. Avid consumers of free media, they enjoy feeling like they’re part of the world around them, even if their disposable income is not large.

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