Visible Achievement

Visible Achievement

Visible Achievement refers to a pattern of responses most often offered by respondents who are visible success stories. They have ‘made it’ in whatever
field they are involved in and are confident in their own abilities and position.

Despite being successful they retain traditional values about home, work and society. The family is very important to this Segment and they place great emphasis on providing their families with a high quality environment. So there is no need to
flaunt that success. While they can afford to buy the best of everything, they look for quality and value for money, not necessarily something that is expensive.

This Segment tends to be associated with people who feel in full control of their lives and take a direct interest in their economic and political environment
when these impinge on their options at work and their family at home. For them it is more often ‘who you know’.

* Devised by Michele Levine of Roy Morgan Research and Colin Benjamin of The Horizons Network 1997.

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