Advertising Research
From pitch to concept, execution to media planning to performance analysis, our suite of tools will measure the real effectiveness of your television, radio, print, digital and outdoor advertising. Natural Exposure, The Reactor, CoreSearch and AdTracker are industry-leading systems built on decades of analytical research.
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B2B Research

Roy Morgan’s Business Research is the most comprehensive in Australia, the only business survey to generate a full 360-degree analysis of business behaviour and confidence from both a business and consumer perspective.

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Customised Research

Consulting us will reduce time and expenditure while increasing accuracy. Take advantage of the wealth of information already collected and dissected by our Single Source research from interviews with more than 50,000 respondents every year. Chances are the answers are there right now. 

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Telephone Interviewing

Roy Morgan Research uses Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) with over 150 centralised interviewing stations to provide a full-service.

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Target Mapping
Morgan Target Mapping redefines what you can do with location-based profiling. Zoom in to the region, neighbourhood, street and house to find where your current or potential customers live.
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Online Research

Online surveys by Roy Morgan Research tell you more than just how many – they tell you whoOur customised Online Panels combine the cost-effectiveness and speed of traditional online surveys with the unmatched integrity and reliability of in-depth personal interviewing. 

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If you're pitching for a new piece of business or working on new product development, we might be able to help tip the scales in your favour. With market insights from across a myriad perspectives, we could fill the knowledge gaps and add the missing dimensions to your presentation.
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Qualitative Research
Roy Morgan has extensive experience in a wide range of qualitative research approaches and is able to design customised solutions for testing and evaluating new products and services as well as the attitudes and motivations of potential customers.
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Quote While we use Roy Morgan to uncover and track travel trends, a key benefit is the ability to match a range of specific behaviours or perceptions across different target audience segments  Quote

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