Advertising Research

Advertising Research for Australia and Asia

Predict, recognise and maximise the impact of your advertising

From concept to execution, media planning and market performance analysis, Roy Morgan Research has over fifty years’ experience blending scientific techniques, flexible and creative methodologies and pioneering market tools to measure people’s rational and emotive responses to advertising.

Our suite of tools covers customer identification and targeting, conceptual and post-placement evaluation, diagnostic reporting, ROI and market outcomes.

Great ad research recognises great ideas

This tenet underpins our approach to advertising and communications research.  No black boxes, just tried-and-tested, common-sense approaches that guide our research design and generate meaningful, actionable outcomes.

How people feel about what is said is far more important than what is said

Ever felt your advertising research encourages respondents to ‘over-intellectualise’ when assessing your ads?  Our measures, including the Reactor, are designed to tap into emotional responses, both in terms of the immediate, gut reaction and the longer-term residual communication.

Already using a competitor service for pre- or post- testing your ads?

Our techniques are flexible enough to incorporate key measures you have history for – so reap the benefits of our experience and our techniques, while continuing to track your historical metrics.