ISO Experts Certification

Roy Morgan Research is certified to both AS/NZS ISO 9001 and AS ISO 20252

BSI International Certification No. 6669

Roy Morgan Research is certified to the Australian and International quality systems standard AS/NZS ISO 9001 and AS ISO 20252.  Our Quality Assurance procedures ensure that all our systems undergo strict quality control processes to ensure the highest quality research is delivered.  It also ensures that our obligations under the Privacy Act, as well as all other statutory requirements, are adhered to.

Roy Morgan Research has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1995.  It has provided a sound, globally accepted, framework for quality assurance and continuous improvement for many years.

In 2007, Roy Morgan Research achieved certification to AS ISO 20252 International Market, Opinion and Social Research standard.  This standard is specific to the market research industry and encompasses all stages of the research process, from the initial proposal and client communication, through to the delivery and presentation of results.

Certification is an ongoing process that encourages continuous improvement with a focus on customer satisfaction, and supports the achievement of our organisation's goals.  Certification gives us and our clients the confidence that our systems are working efficiently and meet international standards of excellence.  As a result, our clients and business partners can be confident that our products and services are not only of the highest quality but are continuously assessed and improved.

Our commitment to Quality affects all aspects of the business and this can be evidenced through our Quality Policy Statement.

Quality and Information Management Systems Policy Statement

Roy Morgan, established since 1941, has always had a strong commitment to Quality and Data Security, along with the recognition of the importance of every individual's involvement in the overall process of ensuring accurate, reliable, secure information.

Our ability to survive and indeed flourish depends on our commitment:

  • To accuracy and quality
  • To continually improving all aspects of our organisation's core business, by seeking new and better ways of doing things for our customers
  • To looking beyond the immediate horizon to ventures which may add value to our business evolution
  • To treat all personal and sensitive information confidentially, and in a manner that fully complies with National Privacy Legislation and our Information Security Framework

Our aim is to have every one of our employees embrace our corporate commitment to Information Security, Quality and Continuous Improvement; and understand exactly where they fit in, how they can contribute and add their own individual commitment.

In line with this commitment, Roy Morgan is committed to Certification to the AS/NZS ISO 9001 (Certificate Number FS604822), ISO 20252 (Certificate Number MSR605565) and ISO27001 (Certificate Number 2019-0819) International standards.

ISO Experts Certification