Research Services
Since its foundation in 1941, Roy Morgan Research has built a reputation for providing accurate, meaningful, insightful information to help society come to grips with reality and to help marketers, the media, governments and institutions make better, more informed decisions.

The Company has achieved global recognition for pioneering numerous new research methodologies keeping ahead of the changing social landscape and emerging technologies.

But the fundamentals of our philosophy have not changed.  In fact, with McLuhan’s Global Village now a reality, the explosion of new mediums, the unprecedented bombardment of data and ‘free’ information, the giant leap from megabytes to gigabytes to terabytes,  our fundamentals are more fundamental than ever.

‘Reality’ is more elusive than ever.  Anyone can launch their own survey on the Internet for free.  Hundreds of ‘phone polls’ are promoted by radio and television programs every day.  Frequently, the ‘source’ and the sample size and composition are not quoted.  But, to a large extent, the audience is non-discriminating.  Few people care, as long as the results are interesting.

One of the world’s largest research companies, a key competitor of Roy Morgan Research, received wide media coverage for its finding that Australians were spending more time online than watching television. Of course, our face-to-face survey of more than 50,000 Australian homes per year didn't bear out the results of their Internet survey.

Increasingly, mediums rarely publish the findings of our independent research, many preferring surveys they conduct or commission themselves.  This, of course, makes us cherish our independence all the more and, we believe, highlights the importance of independence when objective, unbiased accurate reporting or the true facts is important.  (And to us, that’s all the time.)

As the pace of life, and business, increases, it’s all too easy to accept ‘facts’ as true facts.  Prefacing opinions with phrases like ‘research shows’ or ‘a recent survey shows’ seems enough to lend credibility which nobody has the time or inclination to challenge.

If ‘the findings of a recent survey by Roy Morgan Research show…’ you can always be confident that the findings are sound.  A unique combination of rigorous, robust systems, tested, refined and proven over almost three quarters of a century and our absolute commitment to accuracy, truth and transparency mean that Roy Morgan matters.
Research Services