Roy Morgan Research recognises the critical importance of Indonesia, the world’s fourth-largest country and the second-fastest growing G-20 nation.  Our Single Source survey provides wide-ranging coverage of the Indonesian population – including their habits, attitudes and demographics – and is used by leaders in the national banking and telecommunications, media and advertising industries.
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New Zealand
Roy Morgan Research's presence in New Zealand began in Auckland in 1996. Since then our Single Source survey has proven popular across a diverse range of industries. We also offer a suite of other research products and services, including the Reactor, ASTEROID, Morgan Polls, Customised Research and more.
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United Kingdom
Since opening our London office in 2001, we have converted the likes of the BBC and The International Herald Tribune to our proprietary data analysis software ASTEROID. Our London office is also the UK’s one-stop shop for Roy Morgan Research’s unique audience engagement tool, The Reactor.
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United States
Located in famed university town, Princeton, Roy Morgan Research’s US office encompasses highly regarded communications research company Mapes and Ross. Among our main US products and services are the ‘Natural Exposure’ advertising research method, The Reactor audience engagement tool and ASTEROID, our award-winning data analysis software.
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Quote Roy Morgan Single Source provides us with critical customer insights while Asteroid allows for the quick and easy dissection of market and consumer data in easily digestible representation  Quote

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