New Zealand

New Zealand

Considering New Zealand and Australia’s proximity and cultural similarities, the temptation to simply extrapolate on Australian data to draw conclusions about New Zealand is understandable — but unwise.

Recognising the need for a dedicated New Zealand presence we launched the syndicated Roy Morgan Single Source survey in 1997.

Single Source, Kiwi-style

Each year, we interview more than 12,000 respondents across the country, while updating the database every 90 days. Spanning the gamut of consumer products and services, habits and attitudes, sports and leisure, and encompassing urban and rural viewpoints, Single Source is the only way for marketers to understand New Zealand holistically (and compare it to Australia if they wish).

So who uses Single Source? Our clients hail from industries as diverse as finance, insurance, retail, health, automotive, telecommunications, travel and tourism, consumer goods, fast food, media and the public sector. Many of New Zealand’s leading advertising agencies also subscribe.

Other products and services

Roy Morgan Research in New Zealand is a full-service research organisation. Some of our other products and services include:

  • Helix Personas: The most comprehensive geo-psychographic consumer segmentation and data integration tool that is available to New Zealand businesses
  • Morgan Poll: a regular, reliable measure of the country’s political pulse
  • Reactor: this unique audience engagement tool has been used by TV3 during the last two national elections, with audiences scoring the live debate by reacting second-by-second to the Prime Ministerial contenders
  • ASTEROID, our proprietary data analysis software, which clients can use to analyse their own data, Roy Morgan insights and research from other sources
  • Customised Research: our customised research expertise is used by many institutions, ranging from government bodies to political parties, media owners to academia, marketers to NGOs.
New Zealand