United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Roy Morgan Research’s London office opened in 2001, with the British version of Single Source going into field the same year.

Today, Single Source is available in the UK by request. While its large-scale relaunch remains on the agenda, the following initiatives are currently taking precedence.


The London office’s business is driven by our award-winning data analysis software, ASTEROID. Regularly updated and improved, ASTEROID has won favour from the BBC, Raidió Teilifís Éireann, Microsoft, The International Herald Tribune and GfK Media, among others.

The BBC use ASTEROID to manage and present their audience appreciation data to stakeholders every morning.

The International Herald Tribune use it to manage a panel of opinion leaders who provide feedback to the publisher.

Microsoft UK’s Bev Dipper calls it 'an invaluable tool to provide strategic insight through making research data speak in revealing ways,' adding that it 'is also very useful in answering ad-hoc questions quickly as it is very easy to interrogate the data'. Coming from the world’s leading software producer, that’s a convincing endorsement!

The Reactor       

The London office is also actively promoting the company’s unique audience engagement tool, Reactor. An invaluable resource for advertisers and advertising agencies, Reactor measures commercials second by second and complements the 'Natural Exposure' method. It also has much to offer TV stations, with potential to be applied to all kinds of programming, from news and current affairs to music and comedy shows - especially the Mobile Reactor which can graph thousands of viewers' reactions in real time.

United Kingdom