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Guzman y Gomez spice up the Customer Satisfaction Awards

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), August 2015-July 2016, n=7,894.

¡Arriba! A new leader has emerged in the always competitive Customer Satisfaction Awards category of Quick Service Restaurant for July, and it has a Mexican accent: congratulations to Guzman y Gomez! Satisfying a mighty 92% of its customers in an average four-week period, Guzman y Gomez’s win is also notable for being the highest satisfaction score achieved in the QSR category so far this year.

In any given four-week period, more than 11.3 million Australians 14+ (almost 60% of the population) visit at least one quick service restaurant. Of the 32 categories measured for the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards, quick service restaurants tend to rate towards the lower end of the satisfaction scale – but the category’s top scorers show that this does not have to be the way.

Customer satisfaction: Quick Service Restaurants, July 2016


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), August 2015-July 2016, n=7,894.

After spending May and June in top spot, Pizza Capers (winner of the Quick Service Restaurant of the Year in the 2015 Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards), has slipped back to third place with 88%, while gourmet burger chain Grill’d has seized second (90%).

As the chart above illustrates, there is a striking difference between Guzman y Gomez’s award-winning 92% customer-satisfaction score and that of tenth-place getter, Oporto (78%). And there are plenty more where these came from: Roy Morgan measures more than 20 businesses in this category, so it’s no surprise to learn that customer satisfaction levels drop further still before bottoming out at 66% (a score shared by McDonalds and Sizzler).

To Zappit or Take-it-away?

Analysing Quick Service Restaurant satisfaction by Roy Morgan’s Food Segments sheds new light on this crucial measure. As their name suggests, the Food Segments categorise the population by their attitudes to food and cooking, spanning everyone from trendy gourmet-lovers (‘Trendsetters’) to domestic goddesses and gods (‘House Proud’), to the fast-food fiends known as ‘Take-it-aways’.

Make no mistake: Take-it-aways live up to their name. In an average four-week period, 68% of them visit a quick-service restaurant, making them the most likely of the seven food segments to do so. Furthermore, 35% of them are heavy visitors (10 or more times in any given four weeks) – well over the population average (14%). Why cook when you can order, after all?

While this suggests that Take-it-aways enjoy eating fast food, it does not necessarily make them easy to please. Indeed, only three of the fast-food chains measured by Roy Morgan rated more highly among Take-it-aways than any other Food Segment: this month’s winner Guzman y Gomez, and old-timers Chicken Treat and Hungry Jacks.

In contrast, the ‘Zappit’ segment showed a greater tendency towards being satisfied fast-food consumers. No less than five restaurant chains received their highest satisfaction scores from this group, characterised by its belief that cooking is a waste of time they don’t have. Indeed, six in every 10 Zappits report that they ‘don’t have time to spend cooking’, which begs the question: could the reason behind their elevated satisfaction levels simply be gratitude for the time they saved?

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“The quick service restaurant category is among the most crowded and hotly contested of all the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award categories. Satisfaction levels vary wildly, winners come and go, and culinary trends even play a part to a certain extent.

“The popularity of Mexican cuisine, for example, has surged in recent years: 44% of the population now say they like eating it, compared with 39% in 2013. Ever-more Mexican eateries are springing up to take advantage of this— but although this month’s winner, Guzman y Gomez, has almost certainly benefited from the current Mexi-madness, its award is due to more than that. Its emphasis on excellent customer service, fresh ingredients, and a vibrant and fun ambience is obviously being noticed by its customers.

“The fact that Guzman y Gomez has made such an impression on the Take-it-away segment is also a glowing endorsement. This group of seasoned fast-food fanatics eat at or takeaway from quick service restaurants more than most, and have seen (and tasted) it all – it takes something special to please them.

“Designed specifically to help businesses from all sectors of Australia’s food industry, Roy Morgan’s Food Segments are an invaluable resource for quick service restaurants wishing to better understand – and improved their customer satisfaction scores.”

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