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Just Jeans & Zara lead for clothing store customer satisfaction

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, June 2016 – May 2017, n=14,416; June 2017 – May 2018. n=14,979. Base: Australians 14+.
Just Jeans is Australia’s leading clothing store in March with a customer satisfaction rating of 93% putting the chain just ahead of the Spanish fast fashion outlet Zara and three Australian based rivals Katies, BNT – Bras N Things and Millers.

All five leading clothing stores now have a customer satisfaction rating of at least 90% in March and all five have increased their customer satisfaction compared to a year ago. The strong increases for the leading stores drove average clothing store customer satisfaction up 0.3% points to 86.5% in March.

Just Jeans has now won seven straight monthly awards in the clothing store satisfaction category stretching back to September 2018 with customer satisfaction up 5% points to 93% in March.

The big improvers over the last year were Zara, which increased customer satisfaction by an impressive 10% points to 91% in March, and BNT – Bras N Things which was up 8% points to 90% in equal third.

In equal third alongside BNT – Bras N Things were Katies, up by 5% points to 90% and Millers up by 3% points to 90%. Just outside the top 5 stores in March are Lowes and two previous winners of the Roy Morgan Annual Customer Satisfaction Award for clothing stores – 2014 winner Suzanne Grae and 2016-17 winner Jeanswest all on 89%.

Roy Morgan Clothing Store Customer Satisfaction March 2019 – Top 10

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, April 2017 – March 2018, n=15,067; April 2018 – March 2018. n=14,722. Base: Australians 14+.

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan, says Just Jeans has continued on from a strong finish to 2018 with three straight monthly victories in early 2019 giving the clothing retailer a good chance to win its first Roy Morgan Annual Customer Satisfaction Award:

“Just Jeans has won its third straight monthly Roy Morgan Clothing Store Customer Satisfaction Award in March with a high customer satisfaction rating of 93%.

“The Melbourne based fashion retailer increased its customer satisfaction rating by 5% points from a year ago to narrowly beat Spanish owned fast fashion retailer Zara on a customer satisfaction rating of 91%. However Zara has shown the most improvement over the last year increasing their customer satisfaction by a significant 10% points since March 2018.

“Australia’s leading clothing retailers have had a good year in terms of satisfying their customers. Eight out of the top ten stores have increased their customer satisfaction compared to this time a year ago. As well as the big increases in customer satisfaction for Just Jeans and Zara, there were also significant increases for BNT – Bras N Things (+8% points) and Katies (+5% points).

“In an increasingly competitive retail market the key for clothing stores looking to retain existing customers and build their business by attracting new customers is not only being recognised and trusted for excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction, but also avoiding the damage to a business that is caused by distrust towards that business or brand.

“Although the old axiom that ‘any publicity is good publicity’ may apply to celebrities, when it comes to businesses in a competitive marketplace avoiding bad news and the reputational damage that accrues from poor experience must be avoided at all costs.

“To learn more about what businesses need to do to improve their customer satisfaction and build on strong reputations for trustworthiness and critically to avoid the pitfalls that lead to growing levels of distrust and negatively impact a business’ performance, contact Roy Morgan.”

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