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Just Jeans receives thumbs up from customers with record satisfaction rating of 95%

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, August 2017 – July 2019, n = 4,051. August 2018 – July 2019, n= 3,598. Base: Australians aged 14+ who purchased from a clothing store in the past four weeks.
New data from Roy Morgan shows Just Jeans is the winner of the Clothing Store of the Month Award for July 2019, with a customer satisfaction rating of 95%. Although Just Jeans’ satisfaction score has been equaled previously, the last time a clothing store’s satisfaction rating reached 95% was over two and a half years ago.

As of July 2019, Just Jeans’ customer satisfaction rating of 95% was followed by Bras N Things (91%), Suzanne Grae (91%), Jeanswest (90%) and Cotton On (90%).

These are the key findings from the Roy Morgan Single Source survey derived from in-depth face-to-face interviews with over 1,000 Australians each week in their homes and over 50,000 each year.

By securing the monthly customer satisfaction award for July, Just Jeans has extended its winning streak to eleven. During that time, there have been eight different clothing stores who have managed second place, with none being able to dislodge Just Jeans from its number one position.

In good news for consumers, four out of the top five leading stores increased their satisfaction ratings from a year ago. Bras N Things experienced the largest rise, climbing 8% from July 2018, followed by Just Jeans and Suzanne Grae (+5%) and Cotton On (+4%).

The Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards highlight the winners but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Roy Morgan tracks customer satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, advocacy and NPS® across a wide range of industries and brands. This data can be analysed by month for your brand and importantly your competitive set and detailed analysis of Australia’s leading clothing stores is available as part of the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Clothing Stores Report.

Leading Clothing Store Customer Satisfaction Ratings for July 2019
Leading Clothing Store Customer Satisfaction Ratings for July 2019
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, August 2017 – July 2019, n = 4,051. August 2018 – July 2019, n= 3,598. Base: Australians aged 14+ who purchased from a clothing store in the past four weeks.

Let’s take a closer look at Just Jeans customers.

Women do the bulk of the shopping at Just Jeans comprising nearly two-thirds of those that shop there. In terms of age, nearly one-in-three customers are aged between 35 and 49 years of age, and the average income of those shopping at Just Jeans is just under $50,000. They also tend to be white-collar workers from the middle ranking socio-economic quintiles.

The Roy Morgan Value Segment containing the highest proportion of Just Jeans customers is Visible Achievement, which is a group that despite being successful, ‘retains traditional values about home, work and society. The family is very important to this Segment and they place great emphasis on providing their families with a high-quality environment’.

Just Jeans customers are also a healthy bunch, and are more likely than the average Australian to love participating in ‘as many sports as possible’, ‘to be concerned about their cholesterol levels’ and to be ‘mindful of the calories they are consuming’.

They also hold caring attitudes towards others. They are more likely than the average Australian to ‘respond more with their heart than their head when dealing with charities’, and over 90% agree that ‘helping others is an important part of who they are’.

Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan, says:

“Just Jeans deserves several mentions this month. Not only has Just Jeans now won eleven consecutive Roy Morgan Clothing Store of the Month Awards, but its satisfaction rating has now reached a two and a half year high for the sector of 95%.

“The good news isn’t only for Just Jeans though with customer satisfaction ratings of all top five clothing stores of at least 90% and four of the top five leading stores have increased their customer satisfaction ratings compared to a year ago.

“While Just Jeans is well clear in first position, there has been considerable competition for the remaining spots in the top five. Over the past eleven months, eight different stores have occupied second spot, but if any clothing store wishes to secure a customer satisfaction award, they need to significantly lift their ratings to match it with Just Jeans.

“Despite what might happen for the remainder of 2019, Just Jeans has secured an unbeatable lead and is now set to win its very first Roy Morgan Clothing Store of the Year award.”

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