The Digital Universe
The Digital Universe joins the dots between the myriad of platforms, products and trends comprising today’s digital landscape. Analysing Australians’ use of digital technologies and tracking the rise of the ‘connected consumer’, this important module of Roy Morgan Single Source is your business’s key to success in the next decade.
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Footprints In Time was an innovative study aiming to improve the understanding of, and policy response to, the diverse circumstances faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, their families and communities.  It was hoped that the results would assist the Australian Government’s strategy to improve the health and wellbeing of indigenous children in Australia.
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Government Policy
With our team of experienced face-to-face interviewers and innovative technology that can be adapted to client needs, it’s no surprise Roy Morgan Research is the first choice for government and other policy-makers looking to conduct large-scale research projects. We are currently working on several major projects.
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The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey is a government-funded, longitudinal social research project, for which Roy Morgan Research conducts the survey. Also known as the Living in Australia study, it began in 2001 and provides a comprehensive view of the Australian population.

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State of the Nation
What are the key trends facing Australians today? How have they evolved over the last 15 years? What could you do with this knowledge? Based on more than half a million interviews, Roy Morgan Research’s State of the Nation report provides a revealing, accurate insight into how Australia is changing.
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Journeys Home

Journeys Home is designed to provide integral information to assist with the Australian Government’s strategy to reduce homelessness in Australia.

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Quote While we use Roy Morgan to uncover and track travel trends, a key benefit is the ability to match a range of specific behaviours or perceptions across different target audience segments  Quote

— Australian Tourism Authority —

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