Social Media

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Harness the potential of the social media phenomenon

Like it or loathe it, there’s no avoiding the social media phenomenon. Australians spend about as much time on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as they do on Search, News, Shopping and Email websites combined.

While most organisations recognise the value of social media as a marketing channel, they may be unsure how to go about harnessing its potential in the most effective way. Knowing which social networks their customers use and how they use them is just the start.

Roy Morgan Research has been reporting on trends and developments in the social media sphere for years, including participation rates, user profiles for different platforms, and marketing strategies. As well as the range of Ready-Made Reports and Profiles available in our Online Store, we are able to provide Customised Research to meet your more specific needs.

How our social media products benefit your business

Not only will you receive a unique, wholly Australian (or New Zealand) perspective on social media participation but you'll also discover the statistics you require to pursue successful new digital media and marketing strategies.