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How well do you understand your target market?

Any research company can conduct demographic analysis and tell you who’s doing what. Many can provide psychographic analysis and examine why those people behaved like they did. Some even offer market segmentation, grouping individuals into categories.

But only Roy Morgan can provide all of the above AND answer the all-important questions:

  • What would change a consumer’s ‘no’ decision into a yes or vice versa?
  • What factors influence and predict their behaviour?
  • What would happen if the marketing approach to one of these factors was changed?

Values Segments*: an invaluable marketing resource

What gives Roy Morgan the edge? Values Segments* — an innovative system of market segmentation that goes beyond demographics and psychographics to explore the values, mindsets and attitudes that motivate consumer behaviour.

Because they’re derived from Roy Morgan Single Source, Values Segments* can be used to drill down even further, profiling people’s leisure activities, preferred brands and the media they consume.

What can Values Segments* do for you?

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*Devised by Michele Levine of Roy Morgan and Colin Benjamin of The Horizons Network.
Values Segments Cross