Something Better

Something Better

Something Better refers to the pattern of responses most often associated with
people wanting a bigger, better deal out of their life. They tend to be competitive,
individualist and ambitious people who are seeking more out of their life.

This pattern of responses tends to be found among ‘the Joneses’, who always have something better than the rest. As a consequence, they may over-extend themselves
financially, purchasing things which will demonstrate their success to others - and cutting corners in areas where people will not notice. Having other people
look up to them and consider them successful is important to the Something Better Segment, so they are very concerned about image - wearing the right clothes, driving the right car, living in the right area etc.

The key issue with this Segment is that everything is a comparative. They only have something better when it is compared to something or someone else. As a consequence they tend to be concerned about what other people are doing.

* Devised by Michele Levine of Roy Morgan Research and Colin Benjamin of The Horizons Network 1997.

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